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IDS Solution.

Salescore studies IDS (Integrated Distribution System)

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Influencer Reward Mall in five-countries.

We provide sales solutions and secure sales channels through global influencer sales.


Global D2C Portal.

We provide sales solutions through brand and factory direct transactions. It creates new revenue streams for businesses and provides consumers with high-quality products at affordable prices.

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"Create your own link shop in just 3 seconds."

"Fast dropshipping solution."

"Anyone can open their own store."


3 Seconds drop-shipping.

We provide sales solutions for sales to national sellers.


Global SCM.

We provide solutions to improve the distribution structure of companies through SCM.

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Coin & Token Payments.

We make any coin and token payable for real-life payments in the most easy-to-use and unique crypto digital super app, the wallet that crypto users use for daily life activities.

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