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SalesCore signs an official partnership with global blockchain company FIZEN

SalesCore announced on the 18th that it has signed an official partnership with FIZEN, a global fintech company.

Fizen is a global company that focuses on blockchain and digital asset business and was established in Switzerland. It has a blockchain wallet and payment solution that allows payment for 21,000 products of 2,500 global brands, such as Starbucks, KFC, Grab, and Lotteria, with crypto coins and tokens. It supports the global blockchain ecosystem across digital assets, from blockchain technology to trading.

The two companies will support products and vouchers so that users can enjoy real-life utilities such as luxury goods and famous brands, and will cooperate comprehensively in relation to metaverse and blockchain ecosystem construction and marketing.

SalesCore is a luxury and brand wholesale and retail transaction platform where about 110,000 corporate and individual sellers from 5 countries participate to promote and sell products at no cost. Sellers can sell products without product sourcing, CS, or logistics delivery, quickly earn money, and use Pizzen.

SalesCore said, "Through this MOU, we plan to target the global market in earnest and provide systems and solutions that can easily transact with various countries in the blockchain and WEB3.0 ecosystem."

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