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SalesCore, MOU with Vietnamese Company MOMO

Provided by SalesCore

D2C drop shipping in 5 countries, SalesCore announced on the 3rd that it had signed a business agreement (MOU) with Vietnamese company MOMO for platform interlocking services.

With this agreement, SalesCore can provide local payment services in Vietnam to Vietnamese users by improving the use of TheCoq app in Vietnam more conveniently and reliably compared to using the existing PayPal payment system. With the introduction of Momo, the No. 1 payment platform in Vietnam, the frequency of using SalesCore app among local influencers and fans in Vietnam is expected to grow rapidly. In addition, it was decided to promote an alliance plan that links the two platforms, focusing on interlocking financial platforms with Momo and conducting marketing.

SalesCore, a service platform in five countries, Korea, Vietnam, China, Japan, and the United States, is a drop shipping store where users can directly decide products, prices, profits, and even countries. Users from 5 countries can sell luxury goods, famous brands, and even NFTs through SalesCore.

According to the company, Momo is an electronic payment app with the No. 1 market share in Vietnam and is the most popular payment platform, especially among Vietnamese MZs.

The Coq person in charge said, "With the MOU between SalesCore and MOMO, we plan to expand our influence in Vietnam by becoming an innovation platform between Korea and Vietnam."

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