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SalesCore and Vietnamese company VIETTEL signed an MOU

D2C dropshipping in 5 countries, SalesCore announced on the 4th that it had signed a business agreement (MOU) with Vietnamese state-owned company VIETTEL.

Through this agreement, the company can stably service local delivery and customs clearance in Vietnam through Viettel. Viettel promised to provide unsparing business support related to the company's domestic and overseas delivery in Vietnam.

The company is servicing various products such as famous brands, factory products, and NFTs to users in Korea, Vietnam, China, Japan, and the United States.

The company is a store that allows users to directly decide the product, price, profit, and country. The seller can select the product he/she wants, set the profit, and sell it to each country at the price he/she wants.

The person in charge emphasized, “With the MOU between SalesCore and VIETTEL, we plan to expand our local influence in Vietnam by eliminating logistical barriers between Korea and Vietnam and take the lead in exports between the two countries.”

Source: Global Economic Daily (


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