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THEHANA, support for mutual growth through expansion of SBA global sales channels

It was announced on the 25th that it has signed a business agreement (MOU) with the Seoul Business Agency (SBA) for the global new distribution market support project through the Hana platform.

Through this agreement, the two companies support the expansion of the global market for SME products through K.O.C.

KOC stands for Key Opinion Consumer and refers to a commerce seller-type influencer that influences product purchase decisions. KOCs focus on product sales by utilizing individual capabilities such as social media promotion and live commerce. Compared to using the existing KOL (celebrity influencer with a large number of followers), it helps to reduce promotional marketing costs and maximize sales.

This agreement was made to grow together with companies that have good products but have difficulties in pioneering global markets, and sales and

marketing will be conducted through KOC in Korea, China, and Japan at the same time when entering the Deohana platform.

Application can be made by submitting a product proposal through the project announcement on the website of the Seoul Business Agency (SBA).

Meanwhile, The Hana is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform that provides products at reasonable prices to consumers and supports profits and entrepreneurship for young people, women, silver, and influencers. It is a platform that helps increase sales by reducing distribution and publicity costs for entering businesses.

Currently, The Hana has many famous global brands such as Yan Shen, Century 21, Chong Kun Dang, Adidas Y-3, Brunello Cucinelli, Ottogi, and Our Home.

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