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Core Service
That’s SalesCore.
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Alibaba 1688 Official Partner.

Wang Yi Shen Official Partner.

Lowest price factory direct transaction M2C.

Alibaba 1688 QC Guaranteed.

Mass supply and sale of factory products.

M2C&M2B Services



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Luxury & Brand Supply


Century 21, duty free shop contract.

Luxury product supply progress.

Supply of famous brand products.

Nike, La Mer, G4, etc.

Luxury & Brand Supply Services

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IDS Sales



IDS integrated distribution service.

Live commerce progress.

Co-purchase service progress.

IDS Sales Services

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Token Payments


Token Payments Service

Fizen, Binance Official Partner.

Token PG, Binance Card Connection.

Prepaid token card linkage service.

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Contents Retail


China's No.1 Contents Channel Damdeok Official Partner.

Chinese public Zhejiang TV official partner.

Online concert.

Movies, dramas, webtoons, scenarios, etc.

Purchasing and supplying intangible content

Contents Distribution Services

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Commerce Building


Commerce Building Services

Shilla Hotel Shop, Montbest Contract.

Web 2.0 commerce solution development.

Customized commerce progress.

SAAS service progress.

항공 전자 공학

Global #1 IDS Solution 

Global IDS solutions support the entire process of [Global sales], [Globalsupply], [Distribution Tech]

, [Valid Marketing], [WEB 3.0], [SalesCore] of products and services by systematizing them.

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Global Buying

We provides an environment for customers to wholesale through various business models.

Global Supply

We supply the best products by receiving

genuine products directly from brand companies, duty free shops and licensors around the world.

Distribution Tech

Distribution technology is a set of technologies used to efficiently deliver products or services to customers.

Valid Marketing

We help our clients grow their distribution with effective digital marketing strategies.

WEB 3.0

WEB 3.0 leverages technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things to emphasize privacy protection and reliability, while enhancing user experience and providing innovative services.


Where you can see stories of SalesCore.

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Going beyond the world
with IDS solutions

Overseas countries :

Korea, China, USA, Japan, Vietnam
Countries scheduled for overseas expansion :

Thailand, Italy


 Sales Brands

$18 Million

Transaction Amount


Partner Agreement

5 countries

Supported Regions

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